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Solar Skirts® Premium Solar Panel Bird Mesh

Solar Skirts® offers a cost effective, simple way of protecting your greatest asset for saving money and reducing power costs. Made from galvanized and UV PVC coated welded wire mesh and using aluminium fasteners Solar Skirts® is made to last.

Solar Skirts® stops birds and small rodents and prevents leaves and other debris from getting under solar panels.

Reduces damage caused by birds and rodents, reduces maintenance costs, ensures unrestricted airflow around panels.


Installation is quick and easy. No drilling or screwing to solar panels, does not void panel warranties.


Kit includes

1 x 30 meter roll wire mesh

100 x aluminium fasteners

installation tips

Solar Skirts® 30mtr Kit - Premium Solar Panel Bird Mesh BLACK

  • Solar Skirts™ is designed to stop birds and other small animals from getting under solar PV panels and causing damage and reducing the amount of leaf matter from collecting under solar panels and creating heat build-up.
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